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When it comes time to purchase an instrument, we can help you through the process.   Our mission is to create an instrument for you that meets your needs, and we believe we are expert at doing this for our customers. 

Click to EnlargeHow much do our instruments cost?  Many of our harpsichords can be built for between $14,000 and $18,000, clavichords from $3,000.  However, instruments can cost more depending on features and finish.  Once your requirements for an instrument are determined we can determine the price before work commences on your instrument.

Follow these steps to purchase an instrument.
Step 1
Read the articles under Choosing a Harpsichord as background on the instrument.   There are also several excellent books on the topic of historical keyboard instruments.  The style of instrument you select will determine the tonal characteristics,  range of notes,  1 or 2 manuals (keyboards) and the stringing scale (speaking length of each string), and perhaps some of the materials used in construction.
Step 2
Understand the type of music literature that you will likely want to play on the instrument.  Historical instruments based on different periods were designed for specific music and composers of the time.
Step 3
Understand your space and portability requirements.  Though harpsichords are smaller than today's grand pianos, the "scale" and therefore size of a harpsichord can vary between 4 feet and 8 feet.  The smaller sizes are much more portable and can fit inside many midsize autos.
Step 4
Decide on features.  There are a few to pick from that must be decided early in the design process.  For example, a buff stop, or a shiftable keyboard*.

If you have questions about a specific style of instrument, the cost, build schedule or any other aspect of acquiring and maintaining your instrument, contact us directly. 

*A handy feature for selecting between today's standard pitch of A440 for playing with modern instruments or reverting to historical pitch of A415.

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